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Year 5 Home Learning

The following Year 5 tasks are designed to be completed in the child's new home learning draft book, plain paper or they can be computer documents. Please keep records of any work completed, as we would like your child to bring in any finished work (to show their teacher) on their return to school. If you child has forgotten any login details, please email our ICT Technician Lynne Tandy:

Don't forget to keep up the daily reading! 

(Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more activities and links)

 Week 3 - Commencing 30th March 2020 

To view on a mobile device, rotate your screen to landscape. PDF Version here.

Monday 30th Tuesday 31st Wednesday 1st Thursday 2nd Friday 3rd

Morning Work



Easy Print Version

 Morning Work



Easy Print Version

Morning Work



Easy Print Version

Morning Work



Easy Print Version

Morning Work



Easy Print Version

Help videos for the week

(It starts with rounding

to the nearest 10

and then press

next for

further help)

Target Maths



Choose A, B or

C to complete.



Try one of 

these links.

Rocket Rounding

Dartboard Rounding

Soccer Maths

Try this rounding colouring

(Needs printing)



Play this rounding game

(Dice needed)

Complete this sheet on

Rounding Code breaking.

Remember to look back

at the videos if you need to.




(Circled in red)

Play these rounding

games on Education City

(Increasing in difficulty)

Pinball Star

Snowman Rounding

Snow Hope


Watch the end of

Child's Garden.

How does it

compare to yours?

Then create your

own contractions

word search.


Read this non-fiction

text and then answer the questions.




(At the bottom of the document)


Start your Little Bear Project.

Read the instructions to create your picture.

Then create a passport for your little bear.

Here is an example

Create a mind map for your little bear.

Instructions here.


Ideas to help.

Write your Little Bear description.

Here are instructions and a plan to help.

These are examples

written by children in school last Wednesday

We would love to see

your art and read your

descriptions so how about

sharing them on

J2E or to your teacher's email.


As we have been learning

about reversible and

irreversible changes

we would like to to

research an important chemist.

This sheet will help you

decide who to research

and the questions to answer.

(You can finish this tomorrow)


Present your fact file from

yesterday in any way that you like.



Have a go at the

relaxation activity


Then once you are relaxed

and feeling positive,

fill this in about yourself.


Watch the video

Now complete the sheet

(Choose 1)

Try this game on French numbers.

You can play other types

of games on here as well.

See what you can

find on a spring 

scavenger hunt.

You may be able to do this

in your garden or

you may want to do

it as part of a daily walk.

Sketch your findings



Easter Fun activities

Look at our Volcano Art project. We would love to see the results so please upload them to J2E or e-mail your teacher. It will be a competition!

Join in with the rainbow fun. Again please send us your pictures!

How about having a go at our Bake Off challenge.

Try some relaxing Mindfulness Bingo

Easter finger print art - how about making a card?

Here are some extra links for some Easter activities.

Activity Village

Woven Paper Egg

Hanging Egg Decoration

General Resources, Additional Activities and Links

Old Weekly Timetables Week Commencing 23rd March

Help videos for our calculation methods           

Subtraction, Long multiplication, Short division

DoodleMaths - If you have a login the website can be found here.

Carol Vorderman has made access to her site The Maths Factor free during the school closure.


David Walliams is releasing a free audiobook everyday at 11am. The link is on his main page here. The activities has lots of resources too. Well worth a look.

If you run out things to read check out the free ebooks here.

Audible have released free audio books for children whilst the schools are closed. No login needed.

Access free ebooks at eplatform by Wheelers (connecting to our school library service) Children can sign in using the same log-in as Education City  

General Apps

Education City - Lots of general Maths, English, Science and Computing activities as well as Play Live facility to compete against friends.

J2E - Spelling and Times tables games. There are also simple animation, paint and writing apps within the JIT tab.

Other ideas

Joe Wicks is giving a daily PE lesson at 9. He also has lots of short workouts that can be accessed at any time. This is his channel.

Try some Yoga                                                                                                   

Follow the Hampshire School Games Organisers who have set up daily challenges for the children to participate in.

Twitter: @HampshireSGO

Facebook: @HampshireSGO or search Hampshire SGO's


Contacting Teachers


Whilst we further investigate platforms for sharing pupils' work, we'd like to open up out teacher emails.  This is an optional way that parents can send over examples of the work that their child has completed over the week.  Please use the emails no more than once a week, but we would love to see what our classes have been working on and we hope this will motivate learners also.  The children are welcome to put in their own message, however we ask that the email comes from the parent for safeguarding reasons.  Any shared work may be added to our Home Learning Gallery (click here for examples that have been uploaded already)





We are continuing to make the homework(ready for next year!) and will upload it here every week. It could be a useful extra resource.

Homework, Reading

Special support sheet  Support Reading



General Booklet


Practical ideas