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Year 3 Home Learning

Welcome to the Home Learning Page for Year 3.

This work is for your child to complete, if they feel well enough. We have provided a timetable for your child to follow, as well as lessons that link directly to what is being taught in school, using BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy. Each week this page will be updated and personalised for each year group, ensuring that you child is ready to continue their learning when they return to school. Most lessons have videos for the children to watch and we would like your child to keep a written record of their work, where possible. This written record can be on any paper you have at home, it can be digital or, if someone at home is safe to pop into school, we can provide you with a draft book. Please could your child bring all their home learning back into school, when they return. Their teacher will look at their work and will be rewarding them with housepoints.

Week Commencing 24th January

(click the links in the table to open the PDFs)

Year 3 Timetable

Year 3 Lessons

Year 3 Morning Work

Week Commencing 17th January

(click the links in the table to open the PDFs)

Year 3 Timetable

Year 3 Lessons

Year 3 Morning Work

Week Commencing 10th January

(click the links in the table to open the PDFs)

Year 3 Timetable

Year 3 Lessons

Year 3 Morning Work

Week Commencing 5th January

(click the links in the table to open the PDFs)

Year 3 Timetable

Year 3 Lessons

Year 3 Morning Work

Week Commencing 13th December 

(click the links in the table to open the PDFs)

Year 3 Timetable

Year 3 Lessons

Year 3 Morning Work

Christmas Maths

Christmas English

Christmas Activity Book

Week Commencing 6th December 

(click the links in the table to open the PDFs)

Year 3 Timetable

Year 3 Lessons

Year 3 Morning Work

Week Commencing 29th November

(click the links in the table to open the PDFs)

Year 3 Timetable

Year 3 Lessons

Year 3 Morning Work

Week Commencing 22nd November

(click the links in the table to open the PDFs)

Year 3 Timetable

Year 3 Lessons

Year 3 Morning Work


Remember to also keep up with daily reading – if your child requires any additional books then please email the school office.  If your child requires more work, then please see the additional links below.


If you have any queries about this support, please contact the school and we will help. 


_________________________ADDITIONAL RESOURCES______________________

Oak Academy Daily Lessons 

Everyday 'Oak Academy' releases daily Year 3 lessons, including quizzes, videos and worksheets. These are perfect for Home-Learning. 

Click the link HERE to see what lessons are scheduled today. All the lessons will be similar to the pitch and themes to the lessons we are teaching at Herne. They include all the subjects of the Year 3 curriculum. 


Lessons from the BBC

The BBC has a vast range of excellent lessons suitable for Year 3. The maths is inline with 'White Rose' the same maths scheme that we base our teaching on at Herne. 

Click HERE to discover more and select Year 3. The lessons include all the subjects of the Year 3 curriculum. 


Creative Home Study Projects

These are home learning projects designed by Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

PROJECT 1 - Flights of Imagination (CLICK HERE)


PROJECT 3 - Get Moving (CLICK HERE)Iconic minimal flat graphics by illustrator/visual artist Andre Levy a.k.a.  Zhion. — andre levy a.k.a. zhion

The materials

• Each resource contains an overarching weekly theme and all the activities relate to this.

• There is no time limit to the activities, and they may take more than one week.

• All the activities can be adapted for different age groups, even though age recommendations are given.


Printable English and Maths Pack (with answers)Printing Paper Animation GIF | Gfycat

Year 3 English and Maths Pack 1       (answers)


    _______________________YEAR 3 HERNE SPECIFIC RESOURCES_________________

We have attempted to link the below resources to the general subject areas we are covering this half-term in class. The exception to this is English, which is very hard to replicate the detail we go into in the classroom, however we have found some units with similar skills taught.


The children are focusing on Place Value (Autumn 1) and Addition and Subtraction (Autumn 2)
Common core math GIF - Find on GIFER

The BBC have some good resources for Place Value and Addition and Subtraction

Maths Mastery printable workbooks (4 weeks worth) - Parent Guide        Learner Booklet

Addition and Subtraction (Autumn 2) - Workbook      Answers

White Rose Maths Booklet 1 (including answers) - Place Value

White Rose Maths Booklet 2 (including answers) - Addition and Subtraction

White Rose Maths Booklet 3 (including answers) - Multiplication and Division

Spring Term: The children will continue their learning about Multiplication and Division as well as focussing on Money and Geometry.

15 lessons from Oak Academy on Multiplication and Division (CLICK HERE)

5 lessons from Oak Academy on Securing multiplication and division (CLICK HERE)

White Rose Booklet 4 (including answers) Multiplication and Division 2

White Rose Booklet 5 (including answers) Money 

White Rose Booklet 6 (including answers) Shape

15 lessons from Oak Academy on Geometry (lines, angles and shape) (CLICK HERE)


General EnglishWilliam Shakespeare GIF by will herring - Find & Share on GIPHY

Year 3 English Lessons - the BBC have some fantastic lessons suitable for Year 3 English.

English Mastery printable workbooks (Weeks 1-4) -      Workbook

English Mastery printable workbooks (Weeks 5-8) -     Workbook


English - Writing
See the source image

Year 3 UNIT 1 : The Alchemist / George's Marvellous Medicine (CLICK HERE)

Year 3 UNIT 2: Something Fishy (CLICK HERE)

YEAR 3 UNIT 3: Big Blue Whale (CLICK HERE)

Year 3 UNIT 4: Switch Zoo (CLICK HERE)

  • Each writing unit contains a sequence of 5 lessons to be completed in order
  • Each session should take no more than 30 mins to complete
  • Tasks are written with easy to follow instructions for parents / child 
  • Each lesson has a simple explanation and examples to get started
  • All units are based on texts that can be found online, or extracts shared within the unit

Parents, carers and siblings can help by reading the extracts/text aloud to the child; collecting interesting words and phrases on paper / post-it notes as they read; talking to the child about their ideas before they write.  All these instructions are within the unit aimed at parents. (HIAS English Team).

Year 3 Talk for Writing (T4W) units:

Unit 1: Unicorns Uncovered-     Workbook

Unit 2: Truth About Trolls-      Workbook

Both of the above units are comprehensive workbooks that cover a range of skills, including reading, comprehension, grammar and writing. When working your way through the booklet, we recommend completing one activity a day. Some of the activities include innovating, planning and writing, so you may wish to do these activities over multiple days.


English - Reading
Reading GIFs | Tenor

Year 3 UNIT 1: The Street Beneath my Feet (CLICK HERE)

Year 3 UNIT 2: The Train to Impossible Places (CLICK HERE)

YEAR 3 UNIT 3:  Leon and the Place Between (CLICK HERE)

Year 3 UNIT 4: A Walk on the Wild Side (CLICK HERE)

How much and how often children read really matters. During a time of school closure, ‘just reading’ is one of the best ways to keep children learning and growing. 

Once children have mastered decoding through their phonics work, reading as much and as widely as possible will ensure that they continue to develop, not just academically, but emotionally too. And the best way to improve reading is the most enjoyable – reading! As the reading scientist Mark Seidenberg puts it, “The serious way to improve reading – how well we comprehend a text and, yes, speed and efficiency – is this: Read. As much as possible. Mostly new stuff.”

Encourage children to read stories, non-fiction and poetry .  Encourage parents to listen to their child reading aloud, even if they are in Key Stage 2. Enjoy talking about the books they read and discuss unfamiliar words. Reading aloud will help children to build their fluency, so that when they read silently the ‘voice in their head’ is fluent too.  (HIAS English Team)


Year 3 UNIT 5: The Big Book of Blue (CLICK HERE)

Year 3 UNIT 6: Ickabog (CLICK HERE)

In addition to the HIAS booklet, please also see below for a variety of Lower Keystage Reading comprehensions from Twinkl.

Deep Sea Explorers (CLICK HERE)

Malorie Blackman (CLICK HERE)

Oliver Twist (CLICK HERE)

Plastic Pollution (CLICK HERE)

Shirley Chrisholm (CLICK HERE)

Treasure Island (CLICK HERE)


ScienceScience (GIF) in 2020 | Science gif, Gif, Science

The children learn about 'Light and Shadow' for the first half-term. (Autumn 1)

The BBC have some great class clips and learning guides. (CLICK HERE)

Oak Academy have 6 lessons dedicated to this science theme. (CLICK HERE)

The children learn about 'Magnets' for the second half-term. (Autumn 2)

The BBC have some great class clips and learning guides. (CLICK HERE)

Oak Academy have 6 lessons dedicated to this science theme. (CLICK HERE)


During the Spring term, the children will be continuing learning on Magnets (as linked above) and will learn about 'Rocks and Soils'

Oak Academy have 6 lessons dedicated to the Rock Cycle that links nicely to our unit (CLICK HERE)

BBC also have great class clips and learner guides to support this unit (CLICK HERE)

During the Summer term, the children will be focussing their learning on Healthy Lifestyles, predominantly leading our Theme of 'Healthy Heroes'.

Here are 6 lessons from Oak Academy, learning about Diet and Lifestyle  (CLICK HERE)

BBC Bitesize have a multitude of videos and activities linked to Health. Please visit the website via the link and learn all about how you could be a Healthy Hero!  (CLICK HERE)



The children experiment with mark making and then move on to study still life. (Autumn)Art Artist Sticker by smelleigh for iOS & Android | GIPHY

Draw alongside an author. (CLICK HERE)

This link gives YouTube clips of authors and illustrators drawing characters from well known books.  Why not get children to draw alongside Benji Davies or Mini Grey?

For our unit on Paint and Colour, the children will be exploring their very own watercolour paint palettes and gain experience with mixing a variety of shades and colours. (Spring)

Here are a range of videos on paint and colour by famous artist Julie Bennett  

Colour Palette  (CLICK HERE)

Colour Mixing (CLICK HERE) 

The children will also be learning about famous artist Wassily Kandinsky and creating a piece of artwork in his style. Why not give this a go at home using the following videos for help and inspiration?


Tate- How to Paint like Kandinsky (CLICK HERE)

For our unit on Sculpture, the children will be exploring different techniques when modelling using clay to create their own Roman Pot. (Summer)

Oak Academy have 5 wonderful lessons on how to make models using clay. (CLICK HERE)

Watch this tutorial video for beginning  (CLICK HERE)

For more information about Sculpture, watch these BBC Class Clips  (CLICK HERE)


Theme Tree GIFs | Tenor

The first theme of the Year is 'Environmental Detectives'. (Autumn)

Oak Academy has 10 lessons that focus on 'Sustainability'. (CLICK HERE)

The BBC has a unit on 'Sustainability'. (CLICK HERE)

Year 3's next theme is 'A Journey Through the Ages', transporting the children all the way back to the Stone Age. 

Again, Oak Academy has a fantastic set of 10 lessons that looks at Prehistoric Britain, linking perfectly with our Journey Through the Ages.  (CLICK HERE)

Through the Summer term, our themes will be 'Healthy Heroes' (please see the Science heading for lessons) and Rocking Romans!




The first RE topic is learning about Symbols in Christianity. (Autumn)Learning event 1 – Religious Education and the Primary Curriculum – Abigail  Brown

Oak Academy has 10 lessons that focus on Christianity. (CLICK HERE)


During the Spring term, the Children will be learning about the key concepts of 'Wisdom' and 'Belief'.

'Wisdom' will be taught with regards to Sikhism, learning about Guru Nanak

CLICK HERE to watch a short video from 'My Life, My Religion' by the BBC on Sikhism.

CLICK HERE for a BBC bitesize video about Sikhism

'Belief' will be strongly linked to Easter, and its significance to Christians.

CLICK HERE to watch a BBC video depicting the importance of Easter in the Christian calendar. There is also an activity for the children to complete at the bottom of the page, relating to the learning on this concept.

CLICK HERE to watch a video that relates Easter to the lives of Nathan and Lara, and their beliefs as Christians. 



This half-term the children focus on greetings, introductions and numbers. (Autumn)Flag of France via GIPHY in 2020 | France flag, France, French flag

Mr Innes is a wonderful French teacher, watch his series of lessons for children on youtube. (CLICK HERE)

In the Spring term, the children will be turning their learning to Colours (linking nicely with our Art theme).

Mr Innes covers many areas in his serious of lessons, but here are quick links to those relating to colours:

Colours of the Rainbow (CLICK HERE)

Colours (CLICK HERE)


Our French Unit for the Summer term focusses on Animals and Pets. Please use the following links to help develop your vocabulary and pronunciation.

BBC French- Animals and Pets  (CLICK HERE)

As always, Mr Innes hs provided some amazing French videos to support your learning for this unit.


Park Animals  (CLICK HERE)

Animal Drawing Challenge  (CLICK HERE)



This term the children focus on using their voices to compose 'Rainforest' inspired music. (Autumn 1)Music Note Singing Sticker by TuneCore for iOS & Android | GIPHY

Oak Academy have a unit on 'Rhythm' that the children can explore. (CLICK HERE)

Spring term's music is based around 'Playground Games', where the children will be learning and creating a variety of different rhythms, rhymes, patterns and games that can be used on the playground.

Click here to take you to 'Sing Up' a webpage with a selection of different playground songs to learn and enjoy.

Click here for more playground songs and clapping games for the children to practise


Summer term's music is focussing on the famous composer, John Williams. We will be learning about his life, inspirations and compositions during this unit with the aims of identifying examples of his work and creating our own music based on his style.

Watch this video to learn about John Williams and discover how he became famous  (CLICK HERE)

Sing, Play, Create have created a series of lesson ideas, including video links and guidance.  (CLICK HERE)



There is a large range of online resources for children to access. Please explore the following weblinks:

Chance to Shine cricket activitiesExercise GIF by Petter Pentilä - Find & Share on GIPHY

Cosmic Yoga

PE with Joe Wicks

Let's Move Dance for Infants

Dance Workshop for Juniors

BBC Bitesize for Juniors


Premier League Primary Stars: Try your Best!