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Sporting Excellence

At Herne we are committed to and passionate about keeping healthy, staying active and participating in a wide range of competitive sports. All pupils are encouraged and welcomed to take part in our extensive Sports Calendar! In July 2022 we were awarded the School Games GOLD mark for excellence in Sport for the fourth year in a row.


   Some of the school’s successes in recent years:

Hockey Tournament (Havant Sports Partnership) 2nd Place

Boys Football Tournament (Havant Sports Partnership A and C Events) WINNERS

Boys Football (Hampshire Cup) Semi-Finalists

Girls Football Tournament (Havant Sports Partnership) WINNERS

Girls Football Tournament (Southampton Primary Stars) WINNERS

Havant and Portsmouth Swimming Gala 2nd Place

Girls Football Tournament (Hampshire Finals) 5th Place

Lower School Aqua Splash 2nd Place

Tennis Tournament (Havant Sports Partnership) WINNER

East Hampshire School Team of the Year - Herne Girls' Football Team

Petersfield Awards Sporting Achievement - Herne Girls' Football Team

1st Place - Year 4 Havant League Boys' Football

Regional Champions  - Girls' Football Team

3rd South and West of England -  Girls' Football Team

1st Place - Boys' Swimming Team at Havant and Portsmouth Gala

2nd Place - Overall Mixed Team at Havant and Portsmouth Gala

1st Place -  Havant Area Tournament - Girls' Football Team

2nd Place - Les Petter Mixed Football Tournament

Silver - Hampshire Games - Gymnastic Team

2nd Place - Lower School Tag Rugby Havant Area Tournament

1st Place - St Edmunds Annual Football Tournament - Year 6 Boys

4th Place (individual)  - AA Hampshire Cross Country Finals (4th out of 116 Girls)

1st Place - Fernhurst Football Tournament - Year 5/6 Boys

1st Place (individual) - Regional Trampolining Finals

...and more...

We also entered more 'out of school' competitions than ever before - including

entering teams into the Havant Hockey league, Netball league, Quik Cricket tournament and Ultimate Frisbee.

Sporting Events 2023/24

Date Event Year Group Children involved Results
25/09/2023 Hampshire Cup Football (Girls) 5 and 6 9 children  Herne 8 - 0 Alderwood
3/10/2023 Interhouse Mixed Football  6 18 children Meon 0 - 1 Heath
10/10/2023 Interhouse Mixed Football 6 18 children Butser/Rother 2 - 1 Meon
14/11/2023 Interhouse Mixed Football 6 20 children  Butser/Rother 4 - 3 Heath
17/11/2023 Havant and Waterlooville Area Tournament  6 15 children

Boys got to the Quarter-Final

Girls won the tournament - through to the regional finals


17/11/2023 Alternative Sports Festival (Havant Sports Partnership) 3 and 4 9 children  Participation Event
21/10/2023 Interhouse Mixed Football 6 20 children  Butser/Rother win on Penalties
24/11/2023 Alternative Aqua-Splash Event (Havant Sports Partnership) 3 and 4 6 children  Participation Event
28/11/2023 Interhouse Mixed Netball 6 22 children  Butser 0 - 1 Heath
5/12/2023 Interhouse Mixed Netball 5 22 children  Butser1 - 1 Meon/Rother
12/12/2023 Interhouse Mixed Netball 6 22 children Meon/Rother 0 - 0 Heath
09/01/2024 Interhouse Mixed Netball 6 22 children Butser 0 - 6 Heath
11/01/2024 Dodgeball 5 12 children  Participation Event
12/01/2024 Primary Stars Boys Football  5 and 6  15 children 

Green team Quarter Finals

Orange team Semi Finals 

16/01/2024 Interhouse Mixed Netball  6 20 children  Butser 6 vs 2 Meon 
22/01/2024 Sportshall Athletics  6 12 children  5th place out of 10