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School Uniform


Governors of Herne Junior School recommend the wearing of school uniform.  This encourages pride in the school and the pupils.  The uniform colour scheme is bottle green, grey and white.

Long or short grey trousers or a grey skirt or pinafore dress

White shirt or Polo shirt, school tie (tie optional)                    

Bottle Green school logo sweatshirt or cardigan

Black shoes (low heeled), Not trainers                                               

Green and white check or striped dresses may be worn in summer

Closed toe sandals may be worn in the summer.

Please Note:  Open toe sandals must not be worn for health & safety reasons.

Trainers may not be worn in school, these are only for PE and sports use.

P.E. Indoors:

Bottle Green T-Shirt, black shorts (not lycra) and plimsolls.

P.E. – Outdoors:

As above, but trainers or football boots should be worn on the field.  It is recommended that plain black track suits be worn on cold days.

Art and Craft:

An old shirt, apron or suitable over-garment is needed by ALL pupils.


Please ensure your child wears a ‘Named’ coat to school on cold/wet days.


Herne fleeces are not an alternative to sweatshirts.  They are an outdoor garment only.


Only Stud-type earrings are allowed, these must be removed or covered with surgical tape during PE and swimming activities.

No other jewellery, apart from a watch, may be worn in school as it is a health and safety risk.

If a smart-watch is worn, it must not be used for communication during the school day.

Nail Varnish/False Nails/Make up/Tattoos (including pretend/temporary)/Extreme hair styles & Colours:

These are all inappropriate for school and are not permitted.  The wearing of these may result in your child having an internal exclusion.  If you need further guidance please contact us.

Ties are on sale at school.  All other items of uniform with the School logo on are available from Skoolkit, either online or in their shop in the Meridian Centre, Havant, or ‘Allsorts’ Market stall at Petersfield market.

We ask for all items of school clothing to be named.

Please check your child’s uniform on a regular basis to ensure that markings are still legible.

Every year we have to recycle a mountain of un-named uniforms, coats, shoes etc.


To download a copy of this information, please click here