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R.E. Curriculum

R.E. Curriculum (Herne Junior School)

Intent:Religious Education – Hillside Primary School | Baddeley Green |  Staffordshire

The teaching of Religious Concepts across the school is a requirement of The Education Reform Act 1988 which states that – “The curriculum for every maintained school shall comprise a basic curriculum which includes provision for RE for all registered pupils in the school.”

At Herne Junior School, we aim to to foster in pupils a reflective approach to life and enable and enrich this process through their study of living faiths, acknowledging the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, and taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principle religions represented in the country. Through this approach we aim to help children develop understanding, empathy and respect the right of people to hold and practise beliefs both similar to, and different from, their own.


RE at Herne aims to develop the children’s skills, concepts and attitudes identified in the Agreed Hampshire Syllabus, Living Difference IV (2022) in accordance with the Education Act (2006), (revised 2016). The syllabus reflects the fact that the religious traditions in Britain are in the main Christian, while taking account of the teachings and practices of other principal religions. The syllabus is taught through concepts , which we hope will enable pupils to think and reflect on their own beliefs as well as those of others, through focusing on three religions practiced in Britain today: Christianity, Sikhism and Islam. Our curriculum seeks to promote reflection, empathy, comprehension, investigation, interpretation and analysis. It also aims to foster attitudes such as curiosity, open-mindedness, self-understanding, respect, wonder and appreciation, as these are fundamental to a fair minded study of religions and spiritual dimensions of human life.


We aim to equip our children with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives, now and in the future. Through the exploration and evaluation of belief, they develop a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world. We believe that high-quality, in depth exploration of religious concepts makes an important contribution to the culture, wealth and well-being of our community here in school and the wider local, national and international community, and it supports and embeds our school’s HARMONY and SMSC Values.


Where possible we aim to link all our RE to our thematic curriculum and to national religious festivals and this is supported by external visits to places of worship and invitations to members of faith communities to come and visit the school in order to provide an immersive experience for all the children. We encourage the children to be critical thinkers and to ask perceptive questions to enable them to form balanced educated opinions and identify bias. We want the children we teach to leave Herne as confident, self-aware, active global citizens.



Year 3- A focus on Christianity and Sikhism – Visit to St Mary Magdalene Church Sheet

Key Concepts: Symbol (Trees as a Symbol); Journeys End (Nativity Journeys); Wisdom - Guru Nanak and the Gurus; Belief – Easter; Ceremony – Death; Temptation - Making Choices  


Year 4 - A focus on Christianity and Sikhism – Visit to Southampton Gurdwara

Key Concepts:  Sacred Texts: Authority; Holy - Mary, Mother of God; Identity- Baisakhi; Ritual - Paschal Candle Jesus as divine - Christian miracle stories about Jesus; What makes a place sacred? - Sacred Places


Year 5 - A focus on Christianity and Islam – Visit to Woking Mosque

Key Concepts: Prophecy -  Christmas: the Magi and their gifts; Belonging - What does it mean to be a Muslim today?; Messages - What can we learn from Jesus, his teachings and his messages?; Resurrection – Easter, The Empty Cross; Community: What does it mean to be a Muslim today?; Peace - What does it mean to be a Muslim today?


Year 6 - A focus on Christianity and Islam

Key Concepts:  Symbol: Water as a symbol; Incarnation - An extraordinary baby; Ritual – Prayer: The Rosary and Wudu;  Symbol - The Eucharist; God - How do people perceive God?



When pupils leave Herne Junior School, we want their learning of religious concepts to enable them to feel confident when encountering others in the world: confident, self-aware, global citizens. We hope that their learning in religious concepts will enable them to become curious about the world around them, to ask critical and perceptive questions about what people believe and their cultural and religious practices, to enable them to form balanced educated opinions, identify bias. Most importantly, they will have a better understanding of other ideas, an appreciation of religious and cultural diversity and the importance of respecting others’ beliefs and traditions. With this knowledge, they will be better prepared for life in a cultural and religiously diverse society such as our own and will have a desire to continue to develop a love of learning including learning about what people believe and how it shapes their traditions, lives and behaviour.


Good Schools, like good societies…….celebrate and cherish diversity.     

Deborah Meier

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All parents have a right to withdraw their child for all or part of the RE curriculum. For more information about this, please contact the Headteacher.