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Last week was the second showcase writing week of the academic year.  A chance for the school to "show off" their buddying authors style.

Here are just a few extracts for you to read:

His quest had begun. Slowly he bagan to think about what to do next.  He had to go to Vandopia to save his six brothers from the evil clutches of Lord Vandasar."

Daniel (Year 4)


"As Tom Trueheart woke up on one sunny morning the sun streamed through the bushes like a bolt of lightening.  Tom strode outside on his mission to rescue his six brothers from the woods.  He returned his magic sword and set off into the dark eerie forest in pursuit."

Seb  (Year 3)

"In the dark dense forest there was an aroma of pine trees mixed with the smell of snow."

Toby (Year 3)


"Without thinking he raced to the door he only paused to grab his sword"

Mia  (Year 3)

"The chalky clouds were completely covering the vibrant sun"

Sam (Year 3)


The mountains were outstretched hands but even they could not catch us.  Through waterlogged clouds we soared, over raging rapids and skimming summits.  Was Elliot showing me his home? He knew it so well, every turn every small peak"

Reuben (Year 6)

"Without warning off we went.  Air born, like a kite we drifted, just hovering in mid air.  Suspended three miles above ground, I lay upon his feathered back.  His hardy wings birthed hurricanes with every flap... A collosal  cloud cascaded from th e moutain top.  Proud forests of soldiers stood breathless in the wind."

Molly (Year 6)


"The dancing mist swirled delicately around the towering mountain peaks, the energetic wind whipping viciously at Lyra's hair, blinding her eyesight with streaks of dark brown... Lyra lurched violently forward, narrowly missing puncturing her head on one of the curled spikes that lay like an arrow, along Thorn's muscled back..."

Daisy (Year 6)