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At Herne we have elected governors representing the local community, parents and teachers.  The role of the Governing Body is to support the running of the school at a strategic level and they each give their time voluntarily to do this. 

There are various committees that oversee areas of the school operation. We are bound by a strict code of conduct and practise to ensure that the job is done well.

Information about the Governor Body (updated March 2021) :          Page 1       Page 2            Page 3

Attendance Register of the Governing Body (updated March 2021): CLICK HERE

Governing Body Declaration of Interests (updated March 2021):  CLICK HERE

Karen Frost (Clerk to the Governing Body)

Meet our Governors

Mary Fair (Chair of Governors)

Education, in one way or another, has always been a part of my life.  I trained as a Primary School teacher and taught for twelve years.  After a career change to become a Company Secretary, I replied to an advert which invited people to become Community Governors.  That was in 1993 and since then I have had different roles in Suffolk and one in North London.  I feel it a privilege to be able to play a part in ensuring that every child receives the best possible education.  It is especially good that I have been co-opted as a Governor at Herne Junior because I enjoy being able to contribute to the community in which I live.

When not ‘governing’, I focus on my husband who is also retired, my two daughters who live locally and my three grandchildren.  The super power in my life is my Christian faith.


Tony Markham (Headteacher)

I’ve been a governor as a staff representative since 1990 in four of my previous schools and, in common with most headteachers, assume the role of a governor as Headteacher at Herne.  I was seconded to the school in 2006 when it needed support and have loved being a part of Herne ever since.

Being challenged by a vibrant and supportive governing body always keeps me on my toes and between us we never lose sight of why we are involved at the school; the well-being and success of the children.  I also strongly believe that families have a huge part to play and the school’s engagement with parents, carers, grandparents and others is vital to support the children’s care. 

I also know that the success of any school is down to the way all staff are supported and encouraged.  We work hard to make sure the whole team works in harmony to the benefit of the children.

My wife and I are foster carers and were drawn to this role because of the number of times we would see children pass through our schools, knowing that some young people needed so much more than just a place to learn.  We have cared for children and young people from the ages of 6 months to 18 years old (not to mention five of our own children!)

In my spare time I love to run, get involved in DIY projects and spend time with my wife.  I am an avid motorcyclist (just the two bikes at the moment!) and volunteer for SERV Wessex as a blood runner.

If I could choose a superpower, it would be to have the ability to assume the very best expertise for any given task or role the time that it’s needed (a bit like ‘Joe 90’ and his special glasses!)


Peter Bisset (Co-opted Governor)

A Governor role appealed to me because we lived in Africa as a family and were always involved in the village schools our children attended. It was the natural thing to do on settling back in the UK. Managing a school has similarities to the aid projects I managed.

Seeing successive generations of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed children getting a great start in life at Herne. Especially seeing them surprise themselves by what they can do is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a Governor.

'Rearing a child is the work of the whole village, not a family' is an African expression, I would add, 'educating a child is the work of the whole community, not a school', which is why I chose to become a Governor at Herne.

When not ‘governing’, I enjoy expedition sea kayaking, mountain biking, The Petersfield Society, The Green Party, Scouts; lots of things now I'm retired.

Super powers always seem to meet their kryptonite. We all have the power of doing. Start off doing anything and surprising things happen.




Simon Griffin (Co-opted Governor)

Having a Governor role means making real decisions that we hope will improve the educational experience for all the children at Herne. Seeing work Herne has done improve results for our disadvantaged children. Being involved in the many improvements that the school has implemented successfully over the last 5 years. Seeing the school grow in its journey towards becoming outstanding. Getting to know the staff!

When I first became a governor both of my children were at the school. I was always impressed by the education they had at the school and in particular the ethos of the school and the leadership team. Herne has always been a friendly and caring school.  It was this connection that made it an easy decision to choose Herne.

When I’m not ‘governing’ I work! My job as a soil scientist takes me to lots of beautiful places in the UK and beyond. My spare time is spent mountain biking around Petersfield area and coaching Petersfield cricket U13 team.

My superpower would be the ability to turn invisible, but only when people aren't looking. Being able to understand any Government education literature. Who writes that stuff?!


Pauline Judge (Co-opted Governor)

Herne Junior School has always been a special place to me.  I worked here as the “School Secretary” and was privileged to meet so many interesting parents, teachers and, of course, the children.  As I am now retired, the role of governor has opened up many opportunities for me to keep my brain active and to enjoy meeting more teachers,  teaching assistants and even more children.  Over recent years I have popped into school regularly to listen to Year 3 readers.  They say the funniest things sometimes, keep me feeling young (!) and it is wonderful to watch them progress throughout the year.

I freely admit that I am “tennis nuts” and love being on court especially when the sun is shining.  I also go to the gym and enjoy gardening.  My husband and I like going on long walks and spending time with our three grandsons.


TJ Fagbayi (Parent Governor)

As individuals, we each have a part to play for the children in Petersfield and we can all use our skills and experience to help them thrive and reach their potential. My professional background is within the criminal justice system and my expertise is within public protection and child safeguarding policy.  Safeguarding is not just about keeping our children safe, it’s also about helping them to develop into adulthood and achieve better outcomes in their lives.  I believe that being a parent governor gives me an opportunity to contribute to improved outcomes for the children at Herne, this includes my own children.  It also gives me an opportunity to challenge and support the head teacher, and the wonderful teaching staff we have at the school.

When I’m not governing I am a husband and father of two.  I am a qualified FA football coach and I manage one of the youth teams at Petersfield Town Juniors youth FC, which is a huge passion of mine. If I had a super power it would be winning football matches for my beloved Arsenal and Petersfield Town Tigers. It is an honour to serve as a parent governor at Herne and I feel privileged to be undertaking the role.


Clare Nash (Co-opted Governor)

All three of my children have attended Herne Junior.  My two boys are now at TPS, and so this leaves only my daughter in year 3.  The children enjoyed their time at Herne and I have been impressed with the school for a number of reasons.  First, the sense of community and the friendliness of the staff.  Second, both boys left Herne with a good grounding ahead of their time at TPS.  For these reasons, I decided I would like to get more involved in the school in a different way (as I was previously a member of the PTFA), hence my desire to become a governor.  I enjoy learning new things and it assists in my current role at another secondary school.  

My pastimes include going to the cinema, sport and keeping the house and family running. If I could have a superpower, it would be the ability to travel in time forwards and backwards.


Maureen Page (Co-opted Governor)

I am a Director at Butser Ancient Farm which is an experimental archaeological site welcoming visitors and educational groups. Amongst other things I am responsible for the education programme there. My background is in education and I want to use my experience in education to help with my tasks as a Governor. My own daughters attended Herne and I became a Parent Governor, but I have continued since then in many roles gaining valuable experience and skills along the way. I feel strongly that Herne Junior School is an important part of the Petersfield Community and I am pleased to be able to support learning for our young people.

One of my roles is Subject Link Governor for French, but my super power would be to speak every foreign language, so that I could communicate with everyone!


Dr Anna Sampson (Co-opted Governor)

We moved to Petersfield in 2013 and my daughter started at Herne. She is coming to the end of her time at the school, but my son is now a pupil. Herne is a friendly and welcoming place, and we have been impressed throughout with the excellent teaching, caring atmosphere and great staff.

Becoming a governor seemed a good way to get involved and give something back to the school. Now, finding out more about the governor role and attending the various meetings, committees and training, I realise just how important the governing body in a school is in helping determine the strategic direction of the school, holding the head teacher to account and ensuring financial probity. I am keen to contribute to the governing body and bring my experience from a very different work environment and organisation to help the governing body in its role. The governors are a friendly and committed group, and it is enjoyable getting to know them.

Outside of being a governor, parent and work, I enjoy being outdoors in this lovely part of the world, walking, running and gardening. If I had one super power, it would be to be able to fly!


Claire Edmondson (Staff Governor) 

For as long as I can remember, teaching has been my dream. I cannot recall wanting to do anything else. I have always looked up to my teachers and the job that they do. They inspired me in so many ways and I am extremely grateful to every one of them!

My teaching career started at the age of just 16 when I started my first job as a gymnastics coach in Farlington, working at the club I attended myself. This served to confirm my passion of helping others to learn and fuelled my dedication to getting the grades I needed to attend university, earn my degree and have a classroom of my own.

I have been teaching at Herne for the last 6 years, since graduating from University. It has become my family and I could not imagine a greater place to spend my days! Children are at the heart of everything we do. Not only do we support their learning, but we also aim to encourage the children to be their best selves, no matter their hopes, dreams, passions or abilities.

By joining the Governing Team as a staff representative, I hope to be able to support the already amazing work achieved and ensure the children get the very best out of their 4 years at Herne.

“A good education is the foundation for the future.”


Rose Autumn MA, (Parent Governor)

I am a mother of two children; the eldest is very happy at Herne and the youngest is looking forward to joining after Petersfield Infant School. I have always enjoyed being involved with my children’s previous schools having twice been the class rep and regularly volunteering to help with school events. We recently moved to Petersfield and I wanted to contribute to the local community in a different way, so when the role of Parent Governor came up I was keen to be part of the continued success of the school. Having had a successful career in public relations in London, for the last 20 years I have been a self-employed artist, art tutor, and lecturer. In my spare time I enjoy studying nutrition, spirituality, and natural health; I also practice daily meditation and walk my dog.


Matthew Hurst (Co-opted Governor)

I recently joined Herne Junior School as a Learning Support Assistant in Year 4. I've been immediately welcomed into the Herne community of both staff and pupils.Prior to that, I worked in Corporate Banking for over twenty-five years and hope to use some of that experience to the Governor role.I've seen how education can change people's lives and the ethos within the school both supports and nurtures a love of learning.When not at school I'm a keen cyclist and walker, never happier than on a long climb either on two wheels or two legs.



Stuart Mackenzie